A Little Update

Sorry for the delay in posting to our blog! The days have been filled with appointments and lots of activity! Hope is doing well. She started going to school on a regular basis at the Blind Childrens Learning Center, and that has been really helpful for her! She gets lots of therapies like speech, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, and others that I cant remember right now. We are finding that she THRIVES with a routine, and school has been just the needed thing for her. She loves knowing what is coming next, and what to expect, and she is really enjoying her little class and awesome teachers. She is also starting to bloom in her talking skills. She tries out new words all the time, but is having trouble with pronouncing things properly. She tends to talk from her throat, like a ventriloquist, without moving her lips much. They will be working on that with her in speech therapy, and I know she will progress fast.

I was looking at pictures of our China journey the other day, and remembering her first days with us, and how difficult it was for her. How she was acting so aggressive, etc. Things sure have changed. She is the biggest snuggle bug ever, and a very gentle person. She still has her aggressive moments, but the majority of it has stopped. We are so glad that God led us down this path almost a whole year ago, and we cant imagine life without this little treasure.

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    Auntie Carol Says:

    Dearest Guza,

    It’s just amazing just how far Hope has come in less than a year. She is God’s special child. You are doing such an awesome job. Hugs and kisses to all.

    God Bless!!

    I love you,
    Auntie Carol

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    Judi Ditmer Says:


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    Christianne Says:

    Hi! I was so grateful that you found my blog and left me a link to yours. I too, spent a long time reading your story and felt like I could understand so much of the experience you have had with your darling Hope. What a blessing that she has a little vision– I am always praying that something will happen that will give Elli the ability to see even shadows or some light. I would love to get in touch with you– we were just in Disneyland last week, so very close! Thanks for sharing your story and I will surely be following it. Let me know if you ever want to chat or share stories/ideas.

    Christianne (Elli’s mom)

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