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Chosen by the Lord

We were surprised to hear from friends this week that we are the cover story for the Shaohannah’s Hope winter newsletter! Our copy just arrived in the mail today.. We scanned it and you can click on the images below to have a look.. πŸ˜‰

shnewsletter1 shnewsletter2

This is the wonderful organization that gave us a generous adoption grant via their “Change for Orphans” campaign. Click here to revisit that story from October 2007.

Love Art? Love Adoption?

We have friends in Kansas City who are in the process of adopting a sweet little boy with Downs Syndrome from Eastern Europe. They are hosting an online art sale from today through Saturday to help raise the money needed to complete the adoption. Please take a look at their site… They are amazing people and have so much love to give to this little boy. They just need the funds to make it happen!


Their family blog is here: http://tracieloux.wordpress.com/

Here is the sweetie they are adopting:

For Aidan,


Home of Christians

Today was a special day in our adoption journey. We were invited to share our story with the amazing college group of the ‘Home of Christians’ church in Hacienda Heights, Ca. Our friend Randy invited us and he is a pastor there. This is a predominantly Chinese group, and we were very well received.

After sharing our story with them, we learned that this group has about 40 college aged missionaries who are going to China this summer to love the poor and orphans. These missionaries gathered around us and prayed for us. Then they took an offering for us and it turned out that this group of mostly college students contributed $981 to our adoption fund! It was such an honor to receive this gift! We also received a special item in the offering basket, a fortune cookie that read, “You are a person of imaginative yet honest intentions.” πŸ˜‰

After that we got to talk with some from the group individually for a while, and then we were privileged to witness this Home of loving Christians live out their faith. Randy asked them to caravan across town with him to love on a grieving local church that recently lost four young men due to a car accident, and is praying for one who survived. We joined them as they gathered around this other group to pray with them and show their support.

It was obvious to us that these young people are radical nation changers who generously supported what God is doing in our lives and by doing so they supported the generation of nation changers to come that God is currently placing into loving homes.

After that we had lunch with Randy and his beautiful family. Randy and Kim went to college together and we hadn’t seen Randy and his family in many years. It was great to see them again and catch up! Thank you Randy and Home of Christians for your love and support!

Yesterday we also were able to sell two items that another kind family donated to us a while back, and that brought in $900!, so altogether the weekend brought us $1,881 closer to our goal for our trip to get Hope! πŸ˜‰


Travel dates are now official and we are leaving on April 30th! It’s so exciting to think that Hope will be in our arms before we know it! πŸ™‚ Now all the official travel stuff has started like booking tickets, making travel decisions, and all the logistics. We will be posting every day from China, and uploading pictures as we are able so you can follow our journey while we are there.

Many of you have asked how we are doing on the fundraising end of things. It looks like we still need about $6,000. Until we get more exact information on the inside China travel arrangements, it will be difficult to figure out the exact amount we need.

If you are led or compelled to contribute, you can mail a check to the address below. We so appreciate all who have given to help bring home Hope, and we pray that God will bless back upon you abundantly!

Please mail contributions to our PO box at:

Todd and Kim Phillips
27068 La Paz Road #205
Aliso Viejo, CA 92630

The nice neighbor

I (Todd) have successfully refrained from titling this post many other ways, and am leaving it to your own imaginations (or not, if you are more sanctified than I. Let me just say that I wish I were as creative with other things as I am with potty humor).

Kim led another World Changers Kids Camp today, and our new friend Shirley hosted it at her house this time. Here is a follow up email we received from her earlier this evening. πŸ˜‰

I thought you’d like to hear this funny story that happened today πŸ™‚ My girls were helping to get ready for the WC kid’s camp, and Alyssa (my 5yr old) usually cheerfully volunteers to go out around the back yard picking up our dog’s poo and puts it into a plastic bag to be thrown out.

So today, just as everyone was about to arrive (Stacy had just about pulled up to my house) πŸ™‚ I found out that Alyssa had been “twirling” the bag around and accidentally hurled it over our neighbor’s wall–AHHHH!

I hurried over and left an apology–and said I’d bring her over to pick it up later when they got home. When I took her to go apologize, the neighbor was very nice and he asked what the big group of people was here for. So…I got to tell him about Hope being adopted from China, etc. and he pulled out a wad of money and said to donate it to the fund–and to be sure and tell them how God works these things out in the funniest ways!

By the way, through donations, Hope Blankie and Little Mei Dress sales, and the very nice neighbor donation, another $339 was added to our adoption fund! πŸ™‚

Hope Little Mei

Hope in her Little Mei dress. πŸ˜‰

Sarah said:

It was hilarious because she isn’t used to being in a dress and she didn’t know what to do with it! She kept pulling the dress up or trying to make it go down and cover all of her legs. It was a riot. She’s a little long for it though definitely skinny enough!

IMG_0151.JPG IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0161.JPG IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0182.JPG

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Little Mei Dresses

[Update 4/1/08: We have decided to stop selling these dresses at this time…]

We have had so much fun making the Hope Blankies that we wanted to expand our horizons and make a dress out of the Mei fabric. We had a great lady named Sheri sew them up for us, and she did an awesome job!

We just sent one off to China for Hope, and will post pictures as soon as we get them! (Update – We got them) πŸ™‚

little mei mei dress little mei mei dress little mei mei dress

Thanks for your support!

Hope Blankies

Thank you Denny Carney (our friend Maita’s mom) for donating your time and talent to help us make these awesome baby blankets to sell as a fund raiser. Each blankie was hand sewn with love, and every penny that comes in will be used to help bring Hope home.


The blankies vary in size and are at least 12×18 inches. They come in the four possible styles seen below, and are $20 each (shipping included).

Sweet Pea Hope Blankie
Sweat Pea Hope Blankie

Mei Hope Blankie

Rose Hope Blankie
Rose Hope Blankie

Iris Hope Blankie
Iris - Hope Blankies


If you are not comfortable using Paypal, then please contact us and we do have other options we can make available.

We also would like to extend the option to you, if you would rather send a Hope Blankie to one of the blind orphans at Bethel Foster Home in Beijing, then we would gladly hand deliver one for you when we go to get Hope.



World Changers!

This past summer the Lord gave me an idea to do a camp for kids called ‘World Changers Kids Camp’. We just had our 5th camp on Monday and it was awesome! Our friends Alida and her family kindly hosted the camp at their house this time, and many kids came.

At these camps we focus on China, the orphans there, and how kids can help change the world through prayer and acts of mercy. We had a very gifted 9 year old girl named Emily Clifton come and lead worship for us this time. Then we showed a video about Bethel Foster home for blind orphans, and made the kids at Bethel some tactile gift cards so they can feel them. (We are going to take these cards with us when we go to Bethel to get Hope.) Then we talked more about China, the orphans there, and made wontons from scratch.

The camp is also a fundraiser for our adoption and we raised $220 that will be doubled by the Lifesong for Orphans grant! It was a really fun time and I pray that God uses it to ignite the hearts of the children for Him, and for the orphans! We have some pictures from our time on Monday too and I will post those soon.

We have another World Changers Kids Camp coming up this Monday that will also be at Alida’s house, and we are really looking forward to it. Thank you Alida for all your support and encouragement!

Love, Kim

Another Jonathan dream

Jonathan had another dream last night where we were all in China with Hope. Jonathan and I (Todd) were together and Hope was on his shoulders and she was giving us kisses while Kim, Abigail, and Hannah were in a clothing store looking at some clothes!

He had another dream about a week ago where we were all together in China, standing in the parking lot of a store talking in English to a nice Chinese man.

I just love it because he never has dreams where Kim is alone in China and we are here waiting, or where they (the kids) are at Grandma’s waiting for us. His dreams are always about all of us together in China. Abigail has had dreams of all of us being there too, and never otherwise. It encourages our faith because even though there is still a big number obstacle sitting there, the reality is that God has already raised almost $20,000 for this adoption! So what’s another measly $11,000? πŸ˜‰ We are just glad that there isn’t any pressure. It would be great for us all to be able to go, and there would be some disappointment if we all couldn’t, but it’s not necessary, so we can continue to hope and pray, and if it happens then it’s a wonderful cherry on top from God!

Sea of Faces grant matched!

Lifesong for Orphans (formerly known as Life International) has agreed to allow the $1,500 grant from Sea of Faces apply toward our matching grant! This brings the Lifesong grant total from $800 to $2300! πŸ˜‰

And another step closer!

We received a grant donation today of $1,500!!! from the Sea of Faces Foundation! That brings us another big step closer to our goal! We are so grateful for their generosity. It brings our total remaining goal down to $12,975, which is based on our minimum estimate for being able to travel together to China for two weeks as a family to go get Hope.

We also got our “brown envelope” in the mail today from the United States Embassy in China (which is their confirmation of our adoption and means that they will be expecting us).


Matching grant update

We just found out that Life International has extended our matching grant timeframe. Originally they said the offer ended on January 18th, but that’s not a factor any longer. They didn’t say exactly how long we have, so we take that to mean we have as much time as we will need before we either travel to China to get Hope, or hit the $3,000 matching grant limit…

There has been around $800 donated so far, so that takes us $1600 closer to our goal! Thank you everyone who has contributed! πŸ˜‰

Funds are Multiplying!

We’ve had some stirrings in the fund raising department.

A week ago some friends donated $20. They were praying and God spoke to them to give $20 and then He would begin to multiply the rest of the money needed. Since we have the matching grant from Life International, their $20 instantly turned into $40!

On New Year’s Eve we were having some family time and read the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes , and our kids gave $7.01 of their Christmas money, which turned into $14.02!

Today some friends gave $100 and their kids gave $22 of their own Christmas money, which got doubled and turned into $244.

Then this evening these same friends were at the pharmacy, and a stranger gave them a $100 bill! So they brought it over and said they wanted to give that to Hope too! So that $100 turned into $200!

So in the past week $249.01 has been donated and will be matched by Life International, totalling $498.02! πŸ˜‰ Hooray!