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Christmas carols

Here’s some priceless footage of Hope performing at the Blind Children’s Learning Center Christmas music program. 🙂

Sharing at the River

We shared a bit of Hope’s story yesterday with the River Church of Tustin, CA:

More Bethel videos

I (Todd) am taking a closer look through the video footage from our trip to China since I’ve never really done so, and among other things I’ve found four more videos from the couple precious hours we spent at Bethel Foster Home on Hope’s Gotcha Day on May 2nd… They are a bit of a rough watch at times as our videographer skills need improvement, but I know there are some of you who will still appreciate being able to visit Bethel this way and see more footage of the precious little ones who live there…

Here and here are the other videos from Hope’s Gotcha Day, in case you missed them…

An active Hope

Here’s a lively and candid video from last night of Jonathan and Abigail showing off some things they’ve taught Hope. 😉

Gotcha day videos

Videos taken on May 2nd when we picked Hope up at Bethel Foster Home in Beijing, China.


More Gotcha:

And in case you missed the photos.