Hope is Here!

Hi Everybody….its Kim. I have been so excited to write but haven’t had a chance as of yet. Yesterday was sooo special beyond words. It started out when our tour group visited Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City. It is a holiday in China, so the place was flooded with people. A sea of people on every side. Our guide told us that many of the people there had traveled from remote places of China, and many had never seen white people before. Our kids were quite the hit. They were getting bombarded by people asking to take thier pictures. They now know what it is like to be a movie star! They must have had their pictures taken at least 50 times!!! They had a blast, and I was really surprised to see Hannah going with the flow when Chinese people were grabbing her arm, talking in Chinese, and snapping pictures of her. She just gave them a smile, and enjoyed it! Abby was laughing so much and having a great time. After the tour, we went to lunch at our hotel…that was an experience in itself…and then we were off to Bethel. It took about an hour to get there. In the van, as we were driving, it was the wierdest feeling…all these months of paperwork, dreaming, thinking of her and praying for her, and here we were about to meet her face to face! It was such a surreal feeling, and when we pulled up to Bethel, it was like something out of a dream. The air seemed still, and out came Delphine and Guillaume. They greeted us and helped us out of the van, and then we went inside. Hope was sitting there with Sarah when we walked in, along with some other nannies. It was such a great moment to meet Sarah in person. She has been so amazing with all her updates, and to get to be there, with her was an honor. I cant describe the feelings I had when I saw Hope. It all happened so fast, and I really barely remember anything. I just remember thinking that she looked just like her pictures, and then I picked her up. I was totally crying, and she was kind of wiggly so i put her down, and then she walked up to each of us and gave us a hug. It was sooo special. After a while of that, I picked her up and this time she just melted in my arms. We took a tour of the facility and got to see where she sleeps, and everything. Then they had us come into a room where they all had a surprise planned. We walked in and all the kids from Bethel were there, clapping and cheering. Then, we sat down and they did a little performance for us, singing Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord. It was such a beautiful moment. They were standing by the window, and outside little white fluffs were falling everywhere. It must have been from cherry blossoms or somethng, and it was so pretty, like snow falling. Everything felt so surreal. Hope was holding me tight, and after the show we went in for a cake and watermelon party. She loved her cake and gobbled it all up as Abby fed her and we chatted with Delphine and Guillaume. THey are such special people. They have truly laid down their lives to serve these orphans, and they have done an amazing job with the kids. Its amazing to see what they have done, and they are only 30 years old! After that, we went into the lobby, and exchanged gifts. One of Hope’s nannies made her a scrapbook of all the pictures they have of her life. They gave us a cd with sounds that Hope made, so she can hear it when she gets older. They gave us a bag of some of her clothes and a blanket, and a beautiful gold necklace for her when she gets older. After that, Delphine, Guillaume, and Sarah had to go, but we stayed and lingered with the kids in the lobby for a long time. A few of them were really shaken to see Hope go, and we hugged them, and talked to them for a while. They were so precious. After that we got in a circle for a group hug, and we sang some worship songs with them, and then we left. Hope sat in my lap for the drive back to the hotel, and eventually fell asleep. I looked at Jonathan, who was all teared up, and he summed it up the best when he said, “This was the best day of my life.” Ditto that Jonathan.

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    Stacy Richards Says:

    Okay, I need to start bringing my kleenex to the computer!! What a beautifully perfect day! God is sooooo GOOD!!! Congratulations, Mama!! Boy, Timothy and Jonathan are soooo much alike…so sensitive towards their younger sissy’s! Hugs my friend, stacy

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    erin Says:

    I’m beyond words happy for you!!!God has done what He has promised you! It is a miracle for all to see! Welcome Hope; it feels like you were meant to be here from the beginning. Can’t wait to meet ya!! Love, Erin McStay

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    Elisa Peters Says:

    Praise the Lord! That sums up my feelings from reading your post! I’m sitting here in tears remembering both of our daughters GOTCHA days! Your experience at Bethel is so much more than the usual orphanage experience! You are more blessed than you know – take care of those kiddos, happy bonding and now just take in China for Hope!

    Love, The Peters Family

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    maita jones Says:

    Hi Kim!!
    It’s all so precious,thanks so much for letting us be a part of it.I can’t wait til I get to see you all together here at home.We love you and marvel at God’s mercy and care…

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    Todd and Kim, Our hearts are so full! We dont even have words to convey how happy we are. Praise God! We love you guys and can’t wait to see you and meet your little love.
    Keep writing. j & r

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    Jenny Says:

    tears won’t stop. i love you guys, i love hope. i see it all.

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    Alida Says:

    The phillips kids are AWESOME! way to go Jonathan. You are one amazing kid!

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    Sean Says:

    Im gasping for breath Im crying so hard. Im so excited, and so blessed to read these things. My heart is awash with feelings that range from excitement, to pleasure, to pride in how well you have done, to awe about faithfulness, to appreciation about how your kids are doing. How does God feel? How ecited is He to go on this with you….

    We are so happy. We cannot wait to see you with her in your arms. I think I will take the day off when I see that, because I wont be much good for anything else.

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    Judi Ditmer Says:

    I amen all of the replies!!! God has been so faithful to you and I don’t even know you except for the fact we’re sisters and brothers n Christ. And, what He does for us is beyond words.
    Enjoy bonding now in China. The people are precious.
    Oh, they love to see American children. Your children will be celebs. throughout your stay.

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    Joe Campbell Says:

    Sounds like a truly amazing day!

    Welcome to an awesome and blessed family Hope!

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