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Things on the homefront have been good. Just plugging along, doing summertime stuff with the kids. We had Hope’s bloodwork done, and the results came back today that she is healthy, and everything looks fine. But we had some interesting news. It turns out that after having her bone age x ray, her real age is somewhere between 3 and 3.5! So she is considerably older than was reported. She was abandoned as an older baby, so the orphanage had to just guess her age and assign her a birthday when she came to the orphanage. So it turns out that her real birthday is somewhere between October 2004 and May 2005. We are thinking of changing her birthdate to make it her adoption date. It would give her a fun birthday of 5-05-05. Easy to remember! We will keep you updated. Next week, we go to the pediatric opthamologist at USC who specializes in her eye condition. Stay tuned….

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    Barb Says:

    Our older daughter was born on 5-5!! A good date. However, I have heard of people strongly advising against a change of birthdate, as this is the only thing that “came with her”. It would really only change it by 5 months…
    But I’m sure you will come to a decision based on prayer :-))
    Good to read your updates!

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    Kristy Wood Says:

    Hi there!

    I commented on your blog about a month ago before we went to China to get our daughter. We’ve only been back for 2 weeks. Our daughter, Liberty, was abandoned when they believe she was over a year. ( she is special needs also).They say she is now 3, but I’d love to really know. What is this “bone test” you mentioned?

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    Judi Ditmer Says:

    I personally wish we had done that too. there b-day is so “iffy” and I consider her gotcha date their birthdate to us too. i just didn’t want to confuse them when they are older(and the rest of the family) I’m sure most of the children are older physically, but not mentally. But they are precious aren’t they!


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