Keep Praying!

This is the little sweetie our friends the Clifton’s are trying to adopt. She is Hope’s best friend from Bethel and is now three years old. Please pray for this family as they are trying desperately to request her file from China. Usually with adoptions it works the other way around where the paperwork is done by the family first, and then China refers a child. In this case the Clifton’s found out about her last summer and weren’t able to get her off their hearts and have been trying to adopt her ever since!

There are some red-tape type hurdles so please pray for favor with all government officials. They have invested a huge amount of time and money in the process and feel she is destined to be their daughter. So we pray on!

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    Suzanne Kustic Says:

    This family has been on my heart. I will keep praying that every obstacle that is in the way of their adoption will be DESTROYED in Jesus name!!! Thank you, Lord, that you have this situation all worked out.

    I loved the new photos of Hope. She looks so happy!!! Send me a message when you can. Would love to hear from you.

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