The glasses came in!!

We got the call late this afternoon… We all happened to be together so we headed over to pick them up and got there right before the optometrist closed. We waited in anticipation and the optometrist came out with her little glasses! They are very very thick, like magnifying glasses and bubble shaped. He put them on her and she looked a bit surprised. Then she started tapping the glasses excitedly, and smiling. She was eating chips, tapping her glasses, and looking pretty well pleased.

We aren’t sure exactly how much she can see so far because she can’t tell us, so we’ll just be observing her to see how it goes. After adjusting her glasses she was set to go and we headed over to In-N-Out for a celebratory dinner. We must have been quite the sight as we hovered over her. We ended up telling a few people in line her story, and Hope was getting a little fan club right there on the spot. We even told the cashier and he must have appreciated it because he gave us a couple extra orders of fries. 🙂 As we ate dinner Hope had the cutest little smile on her face. The best way to describe it is that she seemed to have a look of relief on her face. She enjoyed eating her french fries and kept looking up at the lights. We were excited when our friends the Kellers showed up who happened to be eating dinner at In-N-Out as well, and we all got to have dinner together!

It definitely seemed that Hope was reaching for things that she normally wouldn’t have been able to see. We don’t know what her vision is like at this point, but we do know it’s better than it was! The doctor said it will probably take a while for her brain to program the eye to see, so we are thinking it will get better over time. We had no problem at all keeping the glasses on her, because she wasn’t trying to take them off, which was something we were really worried might happen. So far we just have some french fry grease to clean off them! Here are some pictures of our celebration….

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  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    OMGoodness. You guys are super speedy. These photos are lovely. Hope’s smile is glorious. It felt like such a gift to be at In N Out and share in a little piece of the joy with you!!!

  2. 2
    Tracie Says:

    WOW! This is so exciting! Great pictures…

  3. 3
    Judi Ditmer Says:

    I was so glad I checked your blog today!!!! She is getting more beautiful as days go by. And you know the glasses have to be doing something. She’s adorable in them too! Everytime I see her or read about her I just wish I was there to squeeze her and give her a kiss telling her to keep fighting. God has great things in store for her.

    Good job and thankyou God!!!


  4. 4
    Heather BT Says:


  5. 5
    Shawna Says:

    Oh my goodness, she’s adorable! You can tell in the pictures that she is definitely seeing more through them. How beautiful! Of course you also made me drool with seeing the clear and up close pictures of In N Out burgers. I miss them so much…they don’t have In N Out in Pennsylvania. 🙂

  6. 6
    Auntie Carol Says:

    Dearest Guza,

    Hope can see. Thank you Lord. The glasses look beautiful on her. Hugs and kisses for everyone.

    God Bless!!

    I love you,
    Auntie Carol

  7. 7
    Barb Ezell Says:

    I’m crying! ! ! Tears of joy !

  8. 8
    Amanda Says:

    so precious and wonderful to see those pictures!

  9. 9
    Leslie Trotter Says:

    I’m crying!!!!!! She is as cute as a button in her new glasses!!!!!!!!!!! Praise be to God!!!!!!


  10. 10
    Stacy Richards Says:

    How did I miss this post?!?!? I’ve been checking every day! I am in tears…this is wonderful news. I LOVE the picture of her looking at her hand. Can’t wait to see how she does with her glasses…awesome, simply awesome!!

  11. 11
    Velleta Says:

    Wonderful news! I am so happy for Hope. She looks adorable. What a wonderful thing for this precious little girl.

  12. 12
    Alida Rodriguez Says:

    Wow! how terrific! We are so pleased to see her darling little face. It is wonderful to see her in those glasses! How exciting! When can we have you over for dinner? Call me! Alida w4

  13. 13
    Gabriel Paduganan Says:

    That is awesome news! I can’t wait to see how her testimony will help change people’s lives when she is able to relate it herself. She is truly a blessing, as are you all!

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