Thirty minutes at Bethel

This was an email that came in from Guillaume this morning and I just had to turn it into a post:

Dear friends,

Lately I was told that we have such a wonderful project at Bethel, but so few people know about it. There is so much going on, so fast, that I sometimes lack the time to update you all. It shows in our finances since our projects go very fast, but the money is not as fast to come! So what I did is I took 30 min and went around Bethel and took pictures of what I saw. We always need a lot of money for many different things, but I trust that you will see that it is used efficiently. Would you help us spread the word around so that more and more people would know about Bethel? I have attached a simple pdf presentation of Bethel, feel free to pass it around. Thank you. ~ Guillaume & Delphine

So here is 30min at Bethel…

GE has donated 150 trees

Billy, one of Bethel’s board member gets his hands dirty

Volunteers helping at planting the trees

Also a good opportunity to teach the young ones about
healthy values

We have planted the strawberries and Grapes

A french guy + grape = Good wine!

I am testing our climbing wall, the kids are gonna love

Our indoor gardening is doing great

The future kitchen is on its way

The 7 houses also (still need some corporate sponsors by
the way)

We have built a shelter for the nannies bikes

Our corn is growing, in the back we have the watermelons,
melons and nuts

No I’m not faking it, I really worked! (yes it had to be
within 30min but still)

I gave all the workers some Oreo cookies, and Mr Shen shared his with Ai Yuan

That’s the heart of charity right there!

Some kids take a walk

Some prefer the nebulizer…

So have PE class

Some take drums lesson

This is teacher Wang (one of our blind teachers)

Joyce, another blind teacher

Some friends donated a lot of furniture including this new library

Our cooks

One of our cleaning staff

The preschool arts and crafts stuff

Kids on the trampoline

Our laundry

Sarah, our nurse refused to pose for the picture so I had no choice but to surprise her

This is Sarah in her good sense

This picture has put many visiting kids in trouble.

Everytime a family comes and we show how neatly things are folded, the parents take the opportunity to give their own kids a lesson

One baby room

We are teaching our kids how to handle money, starting with pocket money.

Each child is assigned a shape to be able to recognize where his things are

Some kids come back from the walk and put their shoes away

Some neat teaching equipment

A braille book

Xiao Hong our secretary

That’s where I am writing you. Behind me are 3 board:

  1. to do list
  2. our needs (I need a bigger board for this one)
  3. calendar

Hopefully you have enjoyed this little tour, with our ever thankful heart that you have taken an interest in our work among the Blind Chinese orphans.

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    Stacy Richards Says:

    What a precious ministry…one I will always be praying for. These pictures are a wonderful way to let everyone know how to praise and pray! ~stacy

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    Jonathan Says:


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