It’s great to have you here at the Phillips Family Adoption website! Thank you for taking this time to join us on our journey. May you be inspired and encouraged in your journey too, wherever God may be leading you!

The Story:
We recently adopted an special needs orphaned little girl from China and God did some remarkable stuff to bring it all to pass, so we have a page here to tell you all about it. Check it out.

Hope on Oct 21st, 2007

We were very fortunate to get as many pictures of Hope as we did. It was a miracle in itself! Click here to see a collection of photos that we got during the adoption process.

Fund Raising:
In June of 2007 we started with $50 toward the adoption. From then until hours before we left for China the end of April 2008, our family raised about $26,000 through donations, collections, grants, garage sales, selling adoption bracelets, selling Hope Blankies, selling candy bars, selling entertainment coupon books, hosting World Changers Kids Camp at our house, and random checks in the mail! We just can’t thank you enough for your financial support, prayers and encouragement along the way! Click here to read more about our fund raising story.

A Little History about Chinese Orphans:
China has a one child only population control policy which penalizes families who have more than one child. Because of this and other factors, like the a cultural preference to birth sons who will later take care of the family, the daughters are often abandoned.

We’ve read estimates that suggest there as many as 1 to 15 million orphans in China under the age of 18, and that 95% of the children in Chinese orphanages are female! We are talking about millions of babies and little girls who are longing for homes and families! It is also estimated that 50% of Chinese orphans have special medical needs.

Vindicate the weak and fatherless. Give justice to the afflicted.
~Psalm 82:3

The Lord sets the lonely in families.
~Psalm 68:6

Last updated July8th, 2008