Jan 24

We got the great news last night! Our dear friends are able to travel to Ghana on Saturday to pick up Zion’s siblings Freedom and Ezekiel! They have been in the adoption process for a little over a year, and now the time has come! We are sooo excited for them, and Zion is giddy with excitement to see his siblings again!


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    Tania Runyan Says:

    Hi! We’d like to make a donation, but I don’t see a place to click! How do I do it? 🙂

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    admin Says:

    Its up on the right hand side of the screen, it says “chip in”. You might need to update your flash drive, my husband says. Its free if you go online to do it. If it doesnt work, you can paypal a donation to toddandkim@tmphillips.com and it will be added to the total. Thank you so much!!!

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