Jul 29

I cant believe it! its almost that time!!!! We are waiting to get a final date once Zion has his visa exit interview on August 8th. We are hoping we will be able to pick him up that Friday the 12th, but need confirmation that his visa would be printed by then. We are so excited! We have been spending the days getting ready for his coming, doing lots of things around the house that have sat dormant for a long time. Painting, weeding, getting his room ready, and even ripping out old fashioned woodwork in the house (which really has nothing to do with Zion coming, but its keeping me busy and helping to pass the time!)

We have spoken to Zion a lot on the phone lately. He has been asking to talk to us, and his very awesome caretaker has emailed us when he asks to talk, and then we call. Poor little guy had a bad fever last week, and had to get all kinds of shots and medication at the clinic. So happy to say that he is feeling much better now, and is doing well. They have told us that he is really excited to come to America, and has been asking for us alot. When I spoke to him yesterday, he asked, “When you come for me, Mama?” Its so hard to be away from him, and I so wanted to answer “Im coming right now!” and just hop on a plane right then. Its hard waiting for government officials and procedures, and my mama’s heart just needs him home now.

We have raised the necessary funds to complete our adoption, and for upcoming travel, and we would like to really bless Zion’s orphanage with food and supplies when I travel in the next few weeks. They have really struggled to provide food, and are always in great need of food to feed all the children at the home. We have set up a Chip In button on our blog, so that if you are interested in donating, I will bring over the funds raised, and buy a bunch of food for the orphanage when I arrive in Ghana. Since i will be traveling alone, and can only bring 2 suitcases, I wont have too much room to bring supplies, and it would be easier to purchase food and supplies once I am there, vs. trying to bring it over. Any amount you are able or interested in giving will truly help to fill their tummies and help them with the overwhelming task of feeding all the kids. Thanks to all of you who have sacrifically given to help bring our son home. We truly appreciate each and every one of you who have given us encouragement, love, and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

I will update as soon as I have the exact travel dates! Woo hoo!!!!

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