Feb 19

I just got back from Ghana a few days ago. It was an amazing trip! I went with one of my best friends, who is adopting Zion’s siblings. We had a great time traveling together. When we arrived in Ghana, we went straight to the orphanage where Zion is staying. Meeting him was incredible. He was so much smaller than I imagined him, and he had the biggest, sweetest eyes. At first he seemed really shy, but started to warm up after a few minutes of holding him and talking to him.

All the kids at the orphanage were running up to us and wanting to play, so we colored with them, drew pictures of scenes from America, and played duck duck goose. We were able to pass out the care packages from some of the adopting families as well as items that were donated to the orphanage. They were so blessed! There is a HUGE need for items, and they really appreciate what was sent over!

After that, we went back to the hotel with our kids, and spent the next 3 days getting to know them. His siblings Freedom and Ezekiel are amazing as well. All three of them were very mannerly, and just super fun to be with. They have great senses of humor, and knew how to make each other laugh. They called us Mama, and seemed to be able to attach to us well. We spent the next 3 days playing ball, coloring, doing somersaults, laughing, and just having fun. The kids took a bath for the first time and that was a big hit. We ate meals together, and brought lots of fun snacks from America for them.

By the time we left on Monday, we were so sad! It was really hard to leave them, and the worst part was hearing them crying as we drove away in the taxi. I’m so glad we had the chance to be with them and bond with them, and the orphanage is doing a great job of loving on them in the interim until we can go back for them. The kids know that we are coming back, and have a good understanding of everything that is happening.

The next step in the process is to file documents with the U.S. government for them to process the kids coming home. We are very much in need of funds at this particular moment in order to keep the adoption processing along quickly. We need to raise $870 immediately for the next leg of the journey.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, and encouraging us! We so appreciate it!!!! More updates to follow soon….

Feb 2

Thank you to all who donated to help us get to Ghana! We are going next week and are soooo excited! I will be going for our court date, where the adoption will be final. The next steps after that will be filing for different documents that need to be processed through the US government in order to bring him home! We are hoping to bring him home in May or June, but that will depend on how fast paperwork is processed through the various systems. We are super excited, and cannot wait to meet him!!!! I cant post pictures or details on this blog until the adoption has gone through court, but if you are interested in following our trip, just email me and we will put you on our email list. Thanks!!!!

Jan 15

Everything is ready for us to leave for Ghana. Its just a matter of raising the last $600 for us to book a plane ticket. Please help us spread the word! My friend who is adopting Zion’s siblings will be traveling with me. We will complete our first adoption trip, spend time with the kids, and bring encouragement and gifts to all the orphans at the home. To donate, click on the chip in button below…we will book our ticket as soon as the money comes in!

Jan 10

This mama’s heart is soooo excited at the news that we can make our first adoption trip to Ghana! We can book our plane ticket and leave as soon as we raise the funds!!!! Oh my goodness! My heart has been LONGING to see Zion, and I have had repeating dreams this past week of flying to Ghana and seeing him! I will be going to Ghana with my friend who is adopting his siblings, and we will love on the kids, and spend time helping out at the orphanage. We are hoping to travel on January 27th, but need to book our ticket immediately. We currently need to raise $1200 for our plane ticket and accommodations. I have been feeling so embarrassed about fund raising, and wishing so much that we didn’t need to ask others to help us in our adoption endeavors. And we are so thankful for all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging on this journey. If you are able to contribute towards this trip, you can click on the chip in button on the right side of the screen, and you can donate through paypal. We are also going to be bringing suitcases full of donations for the orphans, so if you have anything you want us to bring, please let me know, and we will try our best to fit it all in the suitcases! Also, please spread the word if you are so inclined. Thank you!!!!!

Jan 5

Thanks to all of you who have helped us get to where we are in the adoption process. We are so thankful to all of you. There is not much to update at this point. Through all our fundraisers, we were able to pay our fees up to this point. Now we just need to raise our airfare for when we travel. What a relief!!!
In the last week of December, a family we know through some friends, went to Ghana. They graciously delivered bags of presents for all the orphans at Zion’s orphanage. We were so thankful to all the families from the Grove, who put these bags of presents together! The kids all seemed very excited to get presents, and it was so fun to bless them that way. Our dossier was also hand delivered to Ghana, which is a huge step for us. Now it is with the government Social Welfare office, who handles everything on the Ghana end.

Reports on Zion are that he is doing great. We got to see an awesome video of him playing soccer at the orphanage. He looks like he loves soccer, and he seems like a fun loving little guy. We cant wait to meet him in person!!!!!

Dec 19

Thanks to all the families who attended the bake sale this week and gave sacrificially to help bring home Zion! We got word on Friday that the matching donor decided to give the full $6000 to split between the families adopting! We were floored! The funds were split three ways, between us and the other family adopting 2 of Zion’s siblings. We were able to raise $2,000 to bring Zion home! The bake sale brought in $1100, and we were absolutely floored by the generosity of all the families coming together at the bake sale! Thank you to all of you who helped to bring home Zion!
It looks like we will be traveling for court in January! During this trip, we will meet Zion, and attend court where he will be legally our child. Then we leave and come back to the US and wait about 2 months while his visa is processed and he is able to come home. As soon as we get word that his visa is ready, then one of us will fly to Ghana to pick him up, and he will come HOME! Our friends adopting his siblings are getting closer to having their dossier ready, and we are so excited for them as well!!!
We still need to raise $1500 before we are able to make the court trip in January, so please be praying for our family, and help spread the word by linking this website to your facebook page or forwarding it to your friends. Thanks so much!
We wish you and your family a very merrry Christmas!

Dec 15

An anonymous donor stepped up last week and offered to match whatever we raised by Tuesday. We just got word that the donor has extended the due date to Thursday!! This is really exciting news! Whatever we can raise between now and Thursday at 3pm will be MATCHED, up to $6,000. Please help us spread the word and bring these kids home! The funds raised between now and Thursday will be split between our family and the family adopting Zion’s siblings! We also got word today that we will most likely be leaving MID JANUARY for Ghana for our court date! We are sooo excited, but we still have lots of funds to raise to make that happen! If you know anyone who would be interested in helping us, please forward our website. We have partnered with a non profit so anyone who gives by check can have a tax deduction. If you are interested in sending a check, please email us for the information on how to do that. Thanks! 🙂

Dec 9

Our kids school is having a bake sale this Tuesday to help us and the family adopting Zion’s siblings raise the funds to bring home the kids. An anonymous donor just stepped up yesterday and said they would MATCH whatever we raise by Tuesday up to $6,000!!! To see your contribution matched, just click on the chip in button to the right side of the screen! You can also write a check for a tax deduction– just email us at toddandkim@tmphillips.com for info on where to send it! Thanks! Together we can bring home Zion! 🙂

Dec 6

Our family needs to raise $7,000 to complete Zion’s adoption. We will be traveling in January for court in Ghana to make him legally our son. If you would like to help us bring him home, you can give in two ways: You can click on the chip in button to the right side of the screen to give through paypal. If you would like your gift to be tax deductible, we have partnered with a non profit group that will help us with that. You can email us at toddandkim@tmphillips.com for more information about where to send a check. Thanks so much, and have a Merry Christmas! 🙂


Nov 29

Help us raise $4500 needed by the end of December for our next leg of the journey. We will be traveling to Ghana soon for court. After our court trip, we will return 2 months later to bring home Zion. We are so excited, but need to raise a large amount of funds before we can complete his adoption. We need to raise $4500 before we are able to leave next month for Ghana, and then we need to raise an additional $3000 before we can bring him home. It has been really hard to fund raise, constantly putting ourselves out there, but we believe that God wants to bring home this sweet little boy! We are excited to be partnering with God, but to be honest, fund-raising can be exhausting and its a vulnerable feeling putting ourselves out there. If you are so inclined to buy a raffle ticket, just click on the chip in button to the right side of the screen, and specify the amount of money you would like to spend on tickets. For every $5 increment, you will be entered in our raffle! We have lots of prizes! Not all prizes are pictured below, as I have been having trouble uploading pictures to this site. The prizes we have so far are:
5 necklace pendants from Jera Luna Designs
1 Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee
2 Ghana Messenger bags from www.colorsofghana.com
1 jar of handmade shea butter moisturizer from www.projectglobalhope.com
3 bars of soap handmade with herbs
1 super cute dress handmade by Dayspring Dresses
2 pairs of Kool Kids Legs by Mamarunswithscissors
5 cute bows from Gracie Beau
1 Teddy Bear Baby Hat by Threads & More
1 set of Diaper Cupcakes by Twosies boutique
1 family photo shoot for a Southern California family from www.jennymcmastersphotography.com

So far we only have 5 tickets sold, so you have a great chance of winning!