Jan 5

Thanks to all of you who have helped us get to where we are in the adoption process. We are so thankful to all of you. There is not much to update at this point. Through all our fundraisers, we were able to pay our fees up to this point. Now we just need to raise our airfare for when we travel. What a relief!!!
In the last week of December, a family we know through some friends, went to Ghana. They graciously delivered bags of presents for all the orphans at Zion’s orphanage. We were so thankful to all the families from the Grove, who put these bags of presents together! The kids all seemed very excited to get presents, and it was so fun to bless them that way. Our dossier was also hand delivered to Ghana, which is a huge step for us. Now it is with the government Social Welfare office, who handles everything on the Ghana end.

Reports on Zion are that he is doing great. We got to see an awesome video of him playing soccer at the orphanage. He looks like he loves soccer, and he seems like a fun loving little guy. We cant wait to meet him in person!!!!!

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