By Jonathan Phillips
Once upon a time there was six blind men. (P.S. its not the story of the blind men and the elephant, just to tell you that.) There was a kangaroo that was coming to town. The blind men heard about it and said, “Oh! I want to see what a kangaroo is like!” Then the kangaroo walked up to them. Each of them felt the kangaroo. The first blind man touched the tail. He said, “Now I know what a kangaroo really feels like. It feels like a long snake.” The second blind man felt the foot and he said, “Now I know what a kangaroo feels like…a knife!” Then the third blind man felt the pouch and said, “Now I really know what a kangaroo feels like…a bag!” The fourth blind man felt the kangaroo’s ears and said, “The kangaroo feels like a leaf.” Then the fifth blind man felt the face, and to him it felt like a seashell. The sixth blind man felt the arm, and said it felt like a twig. Then all the men started fighting because they all thought the kangaroo felt like different things. So the kangaroo said, “Stop fighting!” and started chasing them. He was mad because they were fighting in front of his kid kangaroo. And then he hops and chases them through Australia, and then the kangaroo ate them and the blind men ate the kangaroo. How did that happen? The End

P.S. The people ended up as pancakes.

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