My Christmas List 


Anime Studio 5. Availible at Target, and online. You can get it for cheaper online. $49.99 at Target. 30.00 online and possibly above or under.

Club Penguin Trading Cards. (3 pack) 11.99 availible at Toys 'r' us.

Money. availible in your wallet.

clone wars Lightsaber builder. around 23.99. Availible at Target.

Club Penguin Membership, Game card, or other. Online, and at Target. for online, go to, and for target, go to electronics section. Ask for Club Penguin game card. $5.95 for one month, $29.95 for 6 months.

Lego Indiana Jones the video game for PC. Availible at pretty much any place that sells video games. Except video game shops.

Lego Batman the video game for PC. Availible at pretty much any place that sells video games. except video game shops.


Lego Star Wars:

Imperial Star Destroyer. 99.99 Availible at Target.

Death Star. 499.99 Availible online, and at LEG0 stores.

Rogue Shadow. Availible at any toy store that sells legos. $49.99

X-wing Fighter. Availible online. $49.99

Luke Skywalker Pilot Maquette. Availible at Toys 'R' Us, and online. $19.99

Lego Indiana Jones:

Temple Escape. Availible at Target, Toys 'R' Us, online, walmart, and almost all stores that sell legos.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb. Availible at Toys 'R' Us, Target, online.

Jungle Cutter. Availible at Toys 'R' Us, target, and online. $39.99

Lego City.

Town Plan. Availible online. $149.99

Straight and crossroad Road plates. Availible online. $12.99

T-Junction and Curved Road plates. Availible online. $12.99

Cafe' Corner. Availible online. $139.99

Public Works. Availible online, target, and toys 'r' us. $3.49

Coast Gaurd control boat and Tower. Availible at Toys 'R' us, online. $59.99

coast guard platform. Availible online, and toys 'r' us. $49.99

doc and patient. availible at Target, and online. (for these 3.49 I wouldn't even try Target, even though they are availible there.) $3.49

Cement Mixer. availible at Target, Toys 'r' us, and online. $14.99

Recycle Truck. Availible at Target, Toys 'r' us, and online. $14.99

Airport. Availible online. (This I have wanted for a long time. It would be great to get this. Hint Hint ;-) ) $79.99

Train Station. Availible online, and sometimes Target and Toys 'r' us. $44.99

lotsa lego minifigs. availible on ebay. look up lego minifig lot. from $5.00 to $100.00

Well, I bet your amazed by my "short" list. I hope my new "program" helped.
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. (and Chinese. ;-) )

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