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Group portrait photography was once again tough (for me). I'm sure I'd get better at it if I did it more often... For the most part the lighting in our prime window of time required us to do up against the wall shots in the shade which I found boring and hard to do at the same time. Employed the 'just keep shooting' strategy hoping to catch everyone with decent expressions at the same time... The light finally started to get rich and soft in the last hour before sunset of course and began to inspire us all, but we were running out of time thanks to younger attention spans, hunger, tired of having pictures taken, places to be etc... So it's going to be hard to trudge through all those drab light photos. Not many from my first pass through that I'd be happy with if I were them.. We'll see what I can do.. At least they can't complain about free haha... These jumping shots are always fun though... Shot about eight Portra+TLR film shots too that I hope will turn out... Thankful the sun came out in the afternoon. it was densely cloudy up until about 2pm.