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LE was my theme choice and was placed for my (48th) b-day today and had been looking forward to an early coastal excursion... Which got derailed thanks to an injury at the gym yesterday that contributed significantly to a mostly sleepless night of trying to get comfortable... Thus no creative desire today or willingness to carry a camera bag due to back pain... Not too bad or serious, just enough of a tweak to my lower back to wobble me on the orbit for a bit... Just when I thought I was over tweaking my lower back anymore... ugg

So got my emotional hugs in first thing but missed the 6am fam shuttle to take Abigail to the airport (that was supposed to deliver me next to the coast for my photos). Finally got a bit of sleep in after that then had an ultra-chill b-day consisting of a morning coffee date with Kim in town, then watched American Football playoffs from bed the rest of the day, mixed with reading a book, texting with some fam/friends and dozing off occasionally.

Kim made a tasty and authentic Mexican taco feast for dinner then we had the other half of my b-day request Lemon Delight* that Abigail made yesterday for dessert.