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playing ball in the house is a rather nostalgic experience for me, and it's been a frequent one since Zion brought out his hoop to the living room from his bedroom a few days ago... of course we are taking a bit of heat from the females for this activity, but we've only broken a few pieces off the chandelier so far (that we can probably reattach), and a few other insignificant things* around the fun zone, so relax already! after all, what's more important, our fun or a few things that might get broken? it's especially entertaining if the (soft) ball happens to (softly) hit them and they say "ouch". paleeez.

*we're of course taking the blame for Kim's decorative moosehead being broken, but it honestly fell off the wall without our instigation and I found a loose screw on the back hook... I will hopefully be able to glue moosey back together again..