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Some clouds this morning, but thanks to my new 0430am starts and rush to get to the 5am gym class, my brain wasn't active and didn't remember to bring the Oly bag as intended. This is with IR filter (720) and also let my GR fall on a rock on this outing! Was thankful for the screen protector as it got all cracked up (and therefore proved to be all that it's cracked up to be).

Speaking of clouds, to answer Rod's question, I've heard/read that monsoon season is already past due which I presume is peak cloud season here. I was in AZ 10 years ago during July and the clouds were abundant and amazing every day. I don't know how often we'll see clouds once the monsoon season is over, assuming it does arrive first. Even this level of cloud cover sure drove the 'feels like' temperature up!

I've also heard/read that this time of year, especially June and up until the rains come are the dirtiest/dustiest/smoggiest. There seems to be a pretty bad smog/ozone problem here in Phoenix from what I've been observing. Will be interested to see how/if it changes with the weather and seasons.

The smog/ozone is all man made right here in Phoenix/AZ, I think, similar to parts of CA where it gets trapped in the valley by the surrounding mountains/terrain.

AND if things go according to plan, I'll be (surprise!) in Sedona tomorrow and Flagstaff at a cabin tomorrow night and through the weekend with some new friends. So there will be shots for these upcoming days, just don't know when they'll get shared.