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simon - Tuesday 17 January 2017 06:49
Todd and family - I was very sad to hear about this tragic event. It must have been so hard on you all. Hope all is well again now and the next time is a success, being forewarned and forearmed. With best wishes, Simon

PS Rod told me about this when he was over here and I've searched your site for your write up.
Don - Monday 2 January 2017 13:12
Sorry to hear that. Hope Mabel recovers soon.
OzzRod - Monday 2 January 2017 02:20
Heartbreaking story of Mabel searching ....... hope she's coming good.
todd - Thursday 29 December 2016 12:35
Thanks. It does appear she is in the clear. We fought for two sleepless nights and almost a third but the pups did not survive. They were too premature and (we didn't know this but) they didn't really stand a chance without an incubator, especially because neither we or our vet knew to make sure to give Mabel the afterbirth in case of c-section, or to give the pups colostrum. Mabel's mothering instinct kicked in the morning after the last one passed, so that was sad to see... She could smell they were here so was hunting the house and crying for them, and carrying stuffed toys around. We unfortunately had to learn the hard way on this one. From what we have researched, the first litter is hardest on small dogs and is most often when complications like this arise.
Don - Thursday 29 December 2016 12:09
Hope she mends well and quickly. How are the pups doing?