dig a hole

Hannah and I stole a moment from life the other day to dig a hole at the beach. We were in deep make believe land the whole time as we were busy rescuing our pigs named Percy and Pink (a long story), and singing our own corresponding song to the tune of (you guessed it) Octopus’s Garden.. 😀

The video is about 45 minutes of time lapse at 1fps then random frames deleted and then the whole thing sped up to fit 90 seconds…

Happy B-day LegoJonathan!

Jonathan turned 11 years old today! wow. According to tradition of recent years, he went to Legoland for his b-day last week with Kimberly, Abigail, Hannah and his friends from his Lego Club. He had a great time there and of course came home with piles of fresh legos. Then last night we went to Downtown Disney outside of Disneyland, and Jonathan provisionally set aside his protest of Disney Corp. for their imperialist squash-the-little-man tactics and we went to the Lego Store where he quickly spent the rest of his b-day money on things to add to his lego stockpile. Can you tell this young man enjoys a good lego? Rainforest Cafe for dinner culminated in a large (in many ways) Volcano! sundae… A fun evening with a special ‘lost parking ticket’ adventure at the end too!

Here is some time lapse from dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. One of the main topics of discussion at the table was all the things that we love about Jonathan, which are of course too many to list. 😉