By Abigail Phillips

There was a cat one day and she invited her friend over. And she said “wanna come over to play?” and her very best friend came over to play. And then they had some lunch. And they had very much fun. But then a robber snuck into their house. When they woke up in the morning, they had nothing left. So they moved, and then they called the police. They said, “Our old house, it got stolen of all our things.” So the police went to their old house, and caught the robber and got everything back. So they moved back to their old house. Then her friend went home and her house was ugly because someone has tooken their house. Then one of them was really sick so they had to go to the dr. that day. And the next day, her friend told her friend which was Patty, she told Patty to come over to her house. She saw that there was an ugly bed and an ugly heart. And her friend had to leave. So the robbers snuck in and made the house very clean. And then she went back to her other friends house. The End.

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