By Jonathan Phillips
Once upon a time, there was a boy that loved to draw pictures. I think he wanted to marry drawing pictures. One night when he was sleeping, all of a sudden, he heard a BIG BOOM! A genie was there. The genie said that he had one wish. The boy said that he wanted a magic paintbrush so that anything he drew it would make it come alive. The genie granted him the wish. And all of a sudden, BOOM! A paintbrush was there. It woke up everybody in the town. They all came to see what happened, and they all screamed at him for making all that noise in the night. “ITS THREE OCLOCK IN THE MORNING!” they said. The genie said, “Sorry for all the noise,” and then went back into his lamp. The lamp jumped into the ocean. Then the boy drew a hundred pineapples that became real. He gave them to a bunch of old people who didn’t have any food. Then he drawed a dog house for a dog who didn’t have a house. Then, a jealous magician heard about the paintbrush. He wanted to be famous, and he went to the boy, and grabbed him. He told the boy to paint him an island filled with gold. The boy painted it, but then it was so far away, the magician had to use a boat. But then, the wind was too small. He yelled at the boy to make it stronger. Then the boy made it stronger, but then it made a storm. And then the magician sank. The boy erased the island, the gold and everything else. Then the magician, the island of gold, and the water were never to be seen again.

The End

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