The Volcano With a Bad Temper

By Jonathan Phillips
Once upon a time, there was a boy. He had a pet wild pig, and he lived on an island. Every day, he went to go swimming. He always wanted to look for something. The island was a tropical island and it was grassy. One day, when he was swimming, a volcano was getting really mad. (He had a bad temper). He was mad because the island of Hawaii volcano was calling this volcano names. The boy heard the volcano getting mad, and then the volcano exploded. All the lava came out and it was rocky. Everyone was screaming, “Help! Help! The volcano is erupting!! AHhh!” So the boy decided to try to stop the volcano. He decided to give it a Bad Temper Treatment, which was a lid to stop it from exploding. So he climbed up the volcano, and watched out for the rocks and lava. He put the lid on him, and the volcano was like “hey!!!” and he exploded lava out of his mouth, so the boy had to cover his mouth too. Then he did that out of his nose. So then the boy covered his nose. Then he did that out of his eyes. So the boy had to cover his eyes. So then, the boy was done, but then, the volcano exploded again and lava went everywhere. So then he cleaned up all the lava and put it back in the volcano. The End

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