4th of july

we had a memorable one this year. we spent the afternoon with kims parents and ate a wonderful lunch at their place. then we went to a bbq at joe and robyns. jonathan had an episode when he didn't think about the ramifications of riding a skateboard barefooted, and skinned up both his feet trying to stop the thing. we migrated a house full of people down to the beach for a great fireworks show. while we had reserved spaces earlier in the day, there was no additional parking at the beach, so joe and i decided to drop everybody off, then park way up in the neighborhood and skateboard back to our spot at the beach. unfortunately, i hadn't spent enough time yet practicing my skateboard skills (see my previous blog entry). even though i was going cautiously down a hill, i managed to crash and obtain a radial head fracture to my left elbow. i went to the e.r. late last night and now i am in a sling and popping ibuprofens. despite the crash and resulting injury, it was good to see the kids enjoy their first up-close fireworks display. the fireworks were launched off a barge that was just a little ways off shore.. next time i am either walking or wearing elbow pads!]]>

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