poem in school 

when im by myself i close my eyes im a twin im a dimple in a chin im a room full of toys im a squeky noise im a gospel song im a gong im a leave turning red im a loaf of brown bread im whatever i want to be whatever i care to e and when i open my eyes what i care to be is me

heres another one i learened it without even trying o most every one in my class did this poem and i kept on hearing it so now i now it

once apon a time i cought a little ryhm i put it on the floor it ran right out the door i chaced it on my bycicle it melted in a icicle i scooped it in my hat it turned in to a cat i cought it by the tail it stretgt in to a wail i chaced it in my boat it turned into a goat i fed it tin and paper it turned to a skyskraper it turned into a kite and flew far out of sight


when i eat a pear some times i like to shair and when i play with clay i get carried away i get carried by a airplane until i remember you carried me to my car it didnt go to far it could be that the driver is a pickle in a jar

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