My Swimming Class 
Once I was in a swimming class. I had my friend JP in the class. My teacher was very nice. I had a lot of fun. Something I learned was backfloats. Those were really fun. At the end of the class, the teacher would spread out his arms, and we would climb on. And he would jump and flip us while we were on his arms. He would take us to a ramp of water. We would climb up the ramp. I loved my swimming teacher. He is very nice. Ok heres something very fun: At the end of the year, I went on a diving board with my teacher. My teachers name was John. I also learned big arms.

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I lost my toohth

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wutt abi sais 
a parot.a dog a hamser a fish a cheeta lion dinosaur.a rabit.a flower a cat

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Top 10 Things I love about Grampa Mike 
1. Hes playful.
2. He's ticklish.
3. He's funny.
4. He knows how to play the piano.
5. He's good at fixing things.
6. He's always telling you stuff.
7. He always makes things really funny when he teaches you stuff.
8. He's always doing these different handshakes.
9. He's really nice.
10. He loves maple bacon.

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my cristmast list 
a box of candy:a new doll:a dog stuffed animal:any kind of stuffed animal:ear plugs: calucalater:remotecontroled car:a remotecontroled air plane:a hug from evry body in my famaly:a box of lego,s: heely,s:kite:remotecontrolled boat :

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silly me 

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my dream last night 
i was sitting next to Jesus on a couch and he was reading me the bible. the end.

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ahhhhhh!!!!!! dogs are licing me evreyware!!!!.............................

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how i like DOGS!!!!! 
becuase thay are fuzzy and we shodhave named my dog dog is not traind. i like my dog becuase he liks me.the only thing i dont like about dogs is that thay bite.DOGS RULE CATS DRULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!some cats can be cute but at the vet a cat slaped my dog it was a stripey cat( for bad giy)so thats wiy i dont like cats and this is for sure the that was a long story(for tipeing).

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