happy 9th b-day abigail!

Abigail turns 9 years old tomorrow! Happy Bday! We love you!

Friends offered us tickets to Disneyland because they made other plans at the last minute and were leaving town, so we picked up the tickets and surprised Abigail for her b-day. We got there around 6pm and found out the park was closing at 9pm for grad night. Being bummed we were using the tickets for only three hours, we looked into passes and sure enough we were able to apply the tickets toward passes that ended up ‘only’ costing $250 for the whole family! We hadn’t budgeted for this, but was too good an offer to turn down… We got them for $50 per when normally $169 per. Now we’ll have 215 more opportunities over the next year to hit the park that is only about 15mins from where we live… Hope really loved it at Disneyland. She hit overload after a couple hours, but she especially loved the Tea Cup ride..

Here are some photos from the excursion:

June 11th – Disneyland

And some ride videos:


The Matterhorn:

Alice in Wonderland:



Bonus: Stunt Doll