Bully UFO’s batman!

Have you ever been driving merrily down the road in your motor vehicle on a blazing hot Saturday afternoon with your whole family in tote, anticipating a nice picnic at the blazing hot park, and then all of the sudden, “POP!”, you all hear the sound of something hitting the car that sounds like a balloon exploding in the car? Then seconds later you notice a big softball sized circular crack in the windshield?

Yep. That was one of our main events for the day. What remains absolutely puzzling about it was that there was no witnessed explanation we could discover. We were driving down a lonely part of Irvine Blvd. with only a couple other passenger cars around us that weren’t even close to us, and there were no visible pedestrians around the scene to cause us to suspect foul play.

There was absolutely nothing else that we could think of except maybe a fast landing space object that could explain the new damage we have to our vehicle. Hits happen I suppose. Fortunately the object didn’t enter the inner compartment and/or cause any further damage.

I was surprised that I managed to resist the temptation to let the event significantly damage my picnic mood, and used it as an opportunity to increase my level of thankfulness.