just migrated the site from the flat file simplephpblog software to a wordpress package, and am in the process of tweaking things to how i basically want them… sphpblog is great for what it is, but am not a good enough coder to develop it the way i want, and they aren’t releasing many updates these days, so the time came to move on.

i’ve been using wordpress with other blogs for a long time now and with its large community of users and developers, and plugins, themes, etc, one really can’t go wrong.. i wanted a similar look as before so i started this theme off using wordpress theme generator, and then hacked it from there… kind of a pain because i am new to yui, but i will learn enough of it to get into trouble as time wears on..

i did an rss import of the old posts and lost the comments doing it that way, but couldn’t figure out the perl script that somebody wrote for importing everything from sphpblog… i am sure there are only a handful of comments anyway, and most of them from me… so in that respect, ‘thank you’ to our faithful visitors for not interacting! 😉