jedidiah phillips

there's a new member in the phillips family. he is a puppy/dog named Jed. (we changed his name from 'marlin').. he is a labradoodle. he was born 1-13-04 (my birthday too), which makes him about 9 months old. he is a big guy and has a curly black coat of hair. he is a calm, smart, loving dog that we have all instantly fell in love with. the kids have been going bonkers with him since i brought him home yesterday, and the dog just loves it. we got him from a family in fresno, ca. that went through some tragedy and could no longer keep him. kim worked out all the details and i drove up and met them outside of bakersfield to pick him up yesterday. he is tripped out by the change, but has been adapting well. he enjoyed his first beach walk yesterday and he took a long trail walk with me this morning. pics will be posted soon.

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