jonathan health report

we had a rough week as the kids all came down with colds over the weekend. by tuesday morning, jonathan had taken a turn for the worse with a terrible cough that came on suddenly and rendered him hardly able to breathe. kim took him to an afternoon doc appointment that led to an e.r. trip to get xrays and check for pneumonia. the xrays weren’t conclusive, but his oxygen levels were low so they kept us there. the care jonathan received was excellent at little company of mary hospital. sandy and i were with him in the e.r. all evening and he was admitted and got a room late that evening. he and i stayed there for two nights. he progressively got better over the course of our stay. the follow up xrays gave better indication that he does have pneumonia, though we don’t know how or why he contracted it. jonathan said the highlights of his hospital stay were when his grandma sandy (camper) would come and visit. his lowpoint (mine as well) was getting an i.v. in his arm. my highlight was getting to watch star wars with jonathan. he had never seen it and it was nostalgic for me since i was his age when i first saw it (we also watched empire strikes back, plus another 5 or so kid videos lol).

anyway, he’s doing much better now and has a follow up with the doc today. they sent us home with a good breathing treatment kit that our insurance fortunately covered, and we are dosing him regularly with the prescriptions… the albuterol is making him hyper, but thats ok… we’ll survive!

super big thanks to everyone who knew about his condition and called and offered support! it’s always great to know that people care when tough times come.

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