By Jonathan Phillips

Once upon a time, there was a fox. He was clever. He wanted pizza, and he was only allowed to eat one pizza. So he called his ex best friend over. His ex best friend was Bear, and they didn’t like each other that much because they always got in fights. So he invited Bear over for lunch, and he said “Wanna come over for pizza?” Bear went right to his house because he really wanted pizza. Bear said, “Thank you for inviting me over. I was really starving for pizza.” Then Fox went to get the pizza, and he got 2 pizzas in a really tall long glass. Bear tried to reach in the glass for his pizza, but he couldn’t get his hand to reach because the glass was really long. Fox had a really long and skinny arm so he was able to get all his pizza out. Fox ate all his pizza, and then said to Bear, “Oh, you cant eat your pizza? Let me eat it for you.” And then he ate it all up. (crunch crunch crunch) Then Bear said, “Meany, Meany, Meany!”

The next day, Bear called Fox and asked him to come over to climb a tree. Fox went over and said ok because the tree looked really short, but it wasn’t, it was really long. He climbed it up, then he said, “Ahhh! Im afraid of heights, Im afraid of heights!” Bear said, “Ha ha! That’s really funny that you’re afraid of heights! You tricked me first so now Im tricking you.”

Then Bear’s mom came over and spanked Bear’s butt. Then they lived happily ever hurted. The End. Ps. Fox ended up in the hospital.

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