By Abigail Phillips
There once was a puppy that said, “I have a talent.” And the puppy said, “I wonder what my talent is?” So he went all around the world looking for a talent. He said, “Wait a minute! Maybe I could be a magical dog!” So he put something goldish inside of him. So he went to his doghouse and dropped a bunch of gold in it. Then he went to go test out his talent. He went to someone and asked what his wish was. He said, “I wish I could be a dog.” So that day something different happened. The puppy said, “I made him into a dog.” Then they became best friends, and went walking and walking. So they shared a doghouse. And then they started to play. They were wrestling. They started to have fun. And then he mixed up a bowl of dog food, and took a drink of water. And later, they said, “Lets make our own thing.” So they made cherries and put them in ice cream sandwiches and started eating them. Then they went outside to play, but at the door, they couldn’t reach the doorknob. And that very day somebody has learned his lesson. “I forgot I have a talent” So he went around the world asking people “what’s your wish?” And in that very day, the end!

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